Monthly Archives: February 2011


 Welcome to my first post! I thought I would start by re-capping the year I had in 2010:

 I was sent to Asia for 2 weeks for work in January. In addition to seeing amazing things for work, I climbed The Great Wall,

 and visited Shanghai

 My brother graduated from college (Go Pitt!)

The Canadian (boyfriend) and I had a wedding in Whistler this summer so we started our trip in Seattle,

drove to Vancouver,

 and ended with the wedding in Whistler

We had another wedding in Edmonton so we took a tour of Alberta, this is of the Ice Fields Parkway

We stopped at Lake Louise along the way which was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen

 Cupcakes: for the 3 weddings we went to last year

Watching the Mets and the Yankees play in their new stadiums this summer

 For the 2 wine tours I did in Upstate NY and Long Island


Our trip to Hawaii in November