Heart to Heart: Emily Giffin Event in NYC

Friday Night my friends and I went to an event at Pranna that was called Heart to Heart, hosted by Emily Giffin, New York Times Best Selling Author of

 Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, Love the One You’re With & Heart of the Matter  (now in paperback)

The venue was great and so was the crowd. I purchased a copy of Heart of the Matter which Emily signed and graciously took a picture with me, in short, an amazing Friday!

How gorgeous is she?!

I’ve read all of the books above and I believe the reason Emily’s writing resonates with so many people is because she writes about issues we’re all grappling with in a real and honest way. Whether it be friendship, relationships or children, there is no one perfect answer, but I always appreciate how she speaks to both sides of the coin. I think the main thing I’ve learned from my own experiences and something I take away from Emily’s writing is: be true to yourself and honest about what you really want; whether that be marriage, your career or being a stay at home Mom, don’t worry if people don’t understand it, because if that’s your own personal version of having it all, that’s the only thing that matters.

 I’m looking forward to reading her next book and seeing Something Borrowed when it hits theaters May 6!


Because you know how much I love trailers…

Something Borrowed Trailer


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