Flex Mussels (and Oysters)

Flex Mussels is one of my favorite restaurants in New York.  I discovered it in the restaurant section of a magazine and it’s been a constant favorite ever since.  They have 23 different sauces you can enjoy your mussels in (Thai and Maine are 2 of my favorites) along with hand cut fries and piles of bread to dip into the mussel broth once you’ve devoured the mussels.  Not only a mussel expert, their Oyster’s are amazing.  The Oyster origins are written on a chalk board separated by East Coast and West Coast and both the servers and bartenders can explain the differences between all of them.  I’ve only been to the 82nd Street location so I can’t speak to 13th St but I love to sit at the bar, I feel like I’m in the middle of the action without being in the way.  At the bar it’s also easier to see and appreciate the silver bucket fixtures they use as the decor which I love and The Canadian can peruse the beers from Quebec.  If there’s any room (sadly, usually not) the donuts are incredible for dessert.

There’s also a special from 5PM-7Pm every night if you sit at the bar:

$20 all you can eat mussels (choice of 3 types), fries and a draft beer



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