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The Standard Hotel is definitely worth visiting whether you’re a tourist or a resident.  For my friend’s birthday we started our night at The Standard for drinks at 7pm.  The ground floor of the hotel has a bar, biergarten and an ice skating rink (we went in February).  After looking at what the ground floor has to offer, take an elevator ride (which has some interesting imagery) to the 18th floor.  They’ve done an incredible job making it feel as if you’ve stepped back in time when you step off the elevator.  All of the waitresses and hostesses are in the same dress and you feel old world glamour all around you.  The drinks are made by hand and fresh fruits are muddled into the concoctions (Apple and Pears was delicious if you need a recommendation).  The views of both The Hudson River and Manhattan are incredible.  The Standard Hotel is also located right next to The High Line which is a park built on a section of the former elevated freight railroad spur called West Side Line.  If you’re only interested in seeing the views, go early, the 18th Floor becomes The Boom Boom Room at night and it’s a different entrance.

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The High Line by Jonathan Falum


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