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Saturday Stroll

Being that the sun is enemy #1 of my skin (I burn easily), it makes me so happy to see how many great ‘shady’ accessories are trending right now.  One of the biggest trends is sun hats.  I think the straw ones are cute and they’re usually accompanied by a flower or ribbon wrapped around the hat.  This silhouette says ‘stroll’ more than ‘shore’ which is what you want when you’re not at the beach. 

<Top & Bag: H&M, Shorts: Express, Hat: Old Navy, Sandals: Ann Taylor Loft>


Wild Date Night

Nights out with The Canadian are a perfect time for me to wear outfits I would never wear to work.  Case in point:this  leopard shirt and short black shorts.  We’ve been having wacky weather lately and we were going to the movies, hence the jacket in the middle of June.  I love the color infusion on these sandals, yet they’re still grounded by a neutral, guaranteeing versatility.

<Jacket, Shorts & Pin: H&M, Top: Zara, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Cole Haan, Bracelet & Sandals: Ann Taylor Loft>

Retro Stripes

I fell in love with this dress at Zara 2 weeks ago.  In general, I gravitate towards the 60’s and 70’s inspired designs, patterns and colors.  I can’t exactly pinpoint why, but I always have.  While horizontal stripes are usually not flattering, the ones in this dress are variegated and the thickness of the lines varies which creates an optical illusion for your eye.  The material is stretchy yet sturdy and has an exposed zipper in the back (a detail I love). I origianlly had my hair in a high bun but felt it was going overboard on the retro theme, so I switched to a side pony.  Although I love those decades for fashion, I go to work in the year 2011, andI don’t want my co-workers asking me if I was going to a themed party later.  It’s all about taking inspiration from fashion’s past and making it modern.

<Dress: Zara, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Bangle & Ring: David Yurman, Jacket: H&M>

Happy Friday! Eggplant

I decide what to wear to work in the summer months partially based on the answer to the following question: “Am I leaving the office today and going to be walking somewhere in the heat?” If the answer is yes, I usually reach for a sleeveless jersey dress in a color that doesn’t reveal body temperature.  Accessories and shoes can be added or changed, but the outfits that keep you looking professional while the city is scorching are few and far between.

Have a great weekend!

 <Long Neckacles and Belt: H&M, Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff>


(The super cute card The Canadian gave me)


I turned 27 last week, here are some images from a great weekend.


Dresses From The Weekend


Shoes From The Weekend


Wine Bar




View of New York from the Williamsburg Bridge


New York


The Frying Pan


Nautical Paraphernalia


Really sweet birthday gifts from my ‘Beauty Godmothers’


A delicious birthday dinner at Craft (complete with oysters and dessert)


Rainbow Stripes

I decided to wear this dress for my birthday dinner with The Canadian last week.  I loved that it had plenty of color and I could still wear my red shoes or my sapphire ones (not pictured).  We went to Craft (which was delicious!) and had a great night.

<Dress: H&M, Heels: Jessica Simpson, Bag: Coach>


Back At You

I have a thing for dresses and tops with interesting backs. 

I appreciate the details, construction and love how it looks- day or night.

<Dress: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Coach, Sunglasses: H&M, Sandals: Target, Earrings: Banana Republic>