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Doughnut Plant

A couple weekends ago we found ourselves in the Lower East Side during the day and one of the places to try on my New York food list was the Doughnut Plant.  Confession: we tried both the cake donut AND the yeast donut and they were delicious and incredibly authentic.  The Doughnut Plant was started by Mark using his grandfather’s recipe.  Mark started by selling donuts to other establishments but struck out on his own in 2000 and perfected making cake donuts in 2005.  You can justify the indulgence by telling yourself these donuts have no trans fats, no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no eggs.

Trust me, they’re worth it.


Summer 2011 Reading List


I laughed out loud and now love Tina Fey more than ever.

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned

This book of short stories left me uneasy and a little creeped out after each one.

State of Wonder

It took me a little while to get into the book but it raises interesting questions about fertility, and the last 30 pages are pretty explosive.

Parisian Chic: A Style Guide

The to-the-point fashion observations mixed with adorable illustrations made this style guide a little different from others I’ve read. I would recommend anyone going to Paris to buy this book, there are great suggestions about The City Of Lights on its pages.

The Help

I thought the writing was terrific in this book.  I also enjoyed hearing the story from three different perspectives.  After reading Kathryn Stockton’s contribution to Katie Couric’s book, I liked the book even more, and I can’t wait to go see the movie.

Cutting for Stone

One thing I always enjoy being able to say about a book is when it has great storytelling characteristics.  Cutting for Stone is 658 pages of one family’s trials and tribulations from Ethiopia to New York and back again.  The book is heavily laden with medical terms which were sometimes difficult to digest, but for me, this book rose and fell like a wave crashing on the beach.  I was most involved in the middle of the story, not that the ending was disappointing, but it wasn’t my favorite part of the book.

Four Kitchens, My Life Behind The Burner in New York, Hanoi, Tel Aviv and Paris

I read this book during one afternoon at the beach.  I loved learning the inner workings of each kitchen, the food descriptions and learning about each city the author lived in.  I also loved how she described acclimating into each culture, meeting new people and how she navigated trying to find her passion.  Bonus points for having recipes included in each chapter.

The Best Advice I Ever Got

It was quite refreshing to hear everyone’s stories that were included in this book,  and learn more about Katie Couric.  Each chapter covers a different topic and a wide range of industries and jobs are spoken about.  When I find myself doubting the path I’m on, recalling the stories of successful people helps me push forward; you only get to tell the story if you see it through until the end.

The Hunger Games

I throughly enjoyed this book even though it’s filed under teen fiction. When an author makes you want to turn the pages as fast as you can, you can’t put the book down,  you keep thinking about it afterwards and you wish you could start the 2nd and 3rd books as soon as you were done with the first? Sign me up.


One trick I’ve been using frequently is making dresses look like skirts.  This dress looks like an acordian skirt when a t-shirt is thrown over it and it’s belted at the waist.

<Dress worn as a skirt: Vintage, Tee: H&M, Belt: J. Crew, Ring: Juicy Couture, Leather Cuff: Tory Burch, Bag: Sondra Roberts SR2 via Piperlime, Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft>


Black and Chambray

I love how a chambray shirt can look polished or casual depending on what fabric was chosen, how the fabric was treated and the final silhouette the shirt was designed in.  It’s also a great piece because it can go with black or brown.   

<Top: Old Navy, Pants: Ann Taylor, Bag & Leather Cuff: Tory Burch, Belt: Gap>



Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and the seventh largest city in North America.  There’s a reason Montreal is ranked as one of the most liveable cities year after year- it has the perks of a city mixed with the comforts of the suburbs all in one. There’s a high quality of life here that’s evident as soon as you start to walk around which is further reinforced by how lovely the people are. 

The Bixi System would be amazing for New York

Depanneur: Montreal version of New York’s deli’s

Merguez was practically on every menu (no complaints)

The Canadian’s favorite popsicles

Poutine– perfect meal for the day after a wedding


Jean Paul Gaultier

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has an exhibit on Jean Paul Gaultier which I was able to see while I was in Montreal.  It’s entitled “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From Sidewalk to Catwalk”.  The exhibit is extreamly well done.  There was a tremendous amount of garments, accessories, stories and best of all, you can take photos without the flash. The exhibit ends October 2, 2011.

“In the wardrobes of women today, his corset dress symbolizes power and sensuality.” – about Jean Paul Gaultier

“The Parisienne is the woman I know best but it’s also possible I still haven’t met her!”- Jean Paul Gaultier

“Fashion interested him only insofar as he could turn it into a spectacle.” about Jean Paul Gaultier

“The costumes he designs are wonderfully beautiful and absolutely conceptual at the same time.  Almost no one else is able to combine both in the same garment.”- Pedro Almodovar about Jean Paul Gaultier

“Except for the medieval codpiece and the bra, garments have never had a gender.”- Jean Paul Gaultier 

“The idea is more important than the material used to make it”- Pierre Cardin to Jean Paul Gaultier

For more pictures click here


Blue Print

American Eagle has great dresses you can throw on and look like you’ve spent considerable more time getting ready than you actually have.  This is also a great dress to pack because it doesn’t wrinkle, which is a major plus when living out of a suitcase for a week.  I also love how their dresses can be dressed up or down depending on your shoe choice.