Jean Paul Gaultier

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has an exhibit on Jean Paul Gaultier which I was able to see while I was in Montreal.  It’s entitled “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From Sidewalk to Catwalk”.  The exhibit is extreamly well done.  There was a tremendous amount of garments, accessories, stories and best of all, you can take photos without the flash. The exhibit ends October 2, 2011.

“In the wardrobes of women today, his corset dress symbolizes power and sensuality.” – about Jean Paul Gaultier

“The Parisienne is the woman I know best but it’s also possible I still haven’t met her!”- Jean Paul Gaultier

“Fashion interested him only insofar as he could turn it into a spectacle.” about Jean Paul Gaultier

“The costumes he designs are wonderfully beautiful and absolutely conceptual at the same time.  Almost no one else is able to combine both in the same garment.”- Pedro Almodovar about Jean Paul Gaultier

“Except for the medieval codpiece and the bra, garments have never had a gender.”- Jean Paul Gaultier 

“The idea is more important than the material used to make it”- Pierre Cardin to Jean Paul Gaultier

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