How Does One Create A Following?


I like to know a bit more about the bloggers I follow, so I typically read the ‘frequently asked questions’ section they’ve created.  One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve noticed on the frequently asked question page is ‘how do I obtain a following for my blog?’  This always strikes me as funny.  How can anyone supply an answer to that question?  How can you fully describe when a tiny idea catches fire and becomes popular? Or profitable?  I’m sure there are plenty of blogs out there that are amazing and due to timing or some other factor, might not been seen by a lot of people.  Or, a great blog (like Jane Has A Job) stops because she wants to spend more time in the actual world as opposed to the virtual one (which I completely understand, although I do miss her posts.) While there is no exact formula for success (in blogging or any other endeavor), the answer is usually a variation on this theme:

be yourself and blog for the right reasons.

 I love that there are bloggers who wear a combination of more expensive items, and others that wear a majority of affordable pieces

 9 to 5 Chic                                                                   Kendi Everyday 

I love that there are people who are celebrated for creating their own content

                 Cupcakes & Cashmere, Cinnamon Rolls, Sunglass Solution

those that have been successful compiling content from other places, and those that do a little bit of both

Apartment 34, A Cup of Jo,  Because Im Addicted 

I also think it’s great when bloggers with two completely different styles have a conversation like this on Twitter:


                  Atlantic-Pacific                                                            The Man Repeller

@ManRepeller -> @BlairEadieBEE: Date Me?

@BlairEadieBee -> @ManRepeller: I thought you would never ask. You repel me in all the right ways

And it’s not just limited to bloggers, dkny and OscarPRGirl both have an impressive presence in social media, but they each have their own style of tweeting, interacting with their followers and how they utilize their Tumblr accounts- all while remaining true to themselves and their respective brands.

Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast said this in an article with NY Magazine:

“They have very specific questions right off the bat,” she says of her fans. “Like, how did I get so many followers? They start interviewing me on the spot. But everybody’s really nice — it’s just that I’m not always ready for it.”
Neely doesn’t quite know how to explain how someone can become the next her. “I get e-mails like every five minutes about it,” she says. Her advice is not to try to be like her: “Just be yourself. I think everyone thinks creating your blog is replicating a template, and it’s not really about that. I think that the more unique your voice is and the more yourself you are online, then the more likely it is that you’ll attract readers because then you’ll have something new to offer.”


I love blogs, and I also like how they’ve impacted the industry.  However, there are SO many blogs now, one could argue there’s more quantity than quality (myself included in the quantity.)

It could be we visit certain blogs on a daily basis because we feel like some of these bloggers could be our best friends, or the best dressed versions of ourselves, or any easy way to live a vicariously fabulous lifestyle though their pictures, or we simply like to look at beautiful images.

I know I’m not even scratching the surface as to the different types of blogs out there.  These are just some of the ones I like to read.  I can honestly say, my favorite part of starting a blog and joining Twitter has been the people I’ve met that I wouldn’t have otherwise, interaction with my favorite brands I wouldn’t have access to and up to the minute knowledge of one of my favorite things: fashion.

Here are some parting words from successful bloggers themselves on creating a following (from their FAQ’s of course):

Cupcakes and Cashmere
How did you build a following on your blog?
There’s no exact formula for garnering an audience, but I write frequently, provide original content and truly love everything that I include on my blog.

Design Darling
 I want to start a blog. Where should I begin?
I started my blog with no readers, no sponsors, and no idea what I was doing. I did it because I loved it, even when I was writing for an audience of zero. My advice would be this: blog daily, comment often, and learn from people who know more than you do. I have found that most everyone is willing to help if you approach it the right way!

What I Wore
Your first motivation for blogging should be self publishing your perspective. If you’re doing it just to get sponsored or get attention, it will probably come across that way. The numbers will come if you have something interesting to talk about.

Kendi Everyday
I’m new to blogging. Can you give me advice on how I can grow my blog?

I’d say the best thing you can do is to write what you know and enjoy it. Do not worry about the numbers. If that’s why you started a blog, I don’t know if readership will ever be guaranteed. Gaining readership is a great goal, but that should never dominate your blog’s motivation. Instead, start a blog because you have something to say and you have a unique point of view (as everyone does). Create a blog that you think the world needs and be happy posting on it, even if no one in the world ever reads it.


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