Spring/Summer 2013 Reading List


Dark Places

I really enjoyed this suspenseful thriller. Perfect for reading by the pool on vacation.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

You might want to read this one at your home, I laughed out loud several times and thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures.

What Alice Forgot

 A nice easy read that puts things into perspective and makes you appreciate what you have.

The Dinner

 This book surprised me. What started out as just a snarky narrator turned into something much deeper and darker.

The Light Between Oceans

A well written story about a couple and what each one is willing to do to have a family.


I loved The Hunger Games series and this was a great book to satisfy my ‘futuristic dystopian society plus love story’ craving, I’m excited for the movie next year.


That’s the thing about trilogy’s, once you start, you need to finish! The third one comes out this Fall.


One response to “Spring/Summer 2013 Reading List

  1. The divergent series is on my reading list on Good Reads. I just started the gone series with my book club friends but I can’t wait to explore the divergent series. Btw I LOVE your blog title it is so clever and comical, totally put a smile on my face. Check out my blog.