Craft Coffee

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I’m usually at a little bit of a loss when it comes to buying presents for The Canadian, so I was thrilled to see InStyle feature a list of monthly subscription companies. They mentioned Craft Coffee and I knew it would be a great gift idea for Christmas. We love our coffee on weekend mornings, and lots of it. We just received our first box and I’m really happy with the results. Each month you’ll receive four ounces of coffee from three different roasters. It’s the perfect amount; just enough to make a little more if you love it, but not too much if you don’t. You’re able to create a coffee profile and then buy larger quantities of the ones you love.  They also provide a lot of information about the roasters, flavor notes and the best way to brew each type. We rarely buy the same beans twice and with Craft Coffee we’re able to try a much broader variety than before.




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